Family Breakfast and Lunch

Donna's Restaurant 2014

About Donna's Restaurant

It all started back in 1993, when my grandfather,

Jerry Zullo decided to open up a breakfast and lunch restaurant in East Boston. Being a restaurant owner and pioneer for over 50 years, my grandfather’s knowledge and expertise came to fruition, making Donna's restaurant what it is today. And it goes without saying that he named it after daddy's little girl, Donna.

Since my mother, Donna, was ten, she has been serving people in every family restaurant my grandfather ever owned. From bussing tables to waitressing, my mother thrived on making each person that walked through the front door happy and satisfied. Many of my family members also worked together throughout the years, including many uncles and cousins.

Donna's Restaurant is a well-known, family breakfast and lunch spot embedded in the heart of Orient Heights. Just a block away from the blue line, and a mile from Logan airport, we serve friends and neighbors, as well as visitors from all over the world. From our mouth watering eggs benedict and fluffy pancakes, to the Disney murals covering the walls, we are a dedicated family restaurant that takes pride in making Donna's a true family atmosphere.

First, there's my grandmother Loretta, a devoted counterpart to my grandfather for over sixty years. As his wife and best friend, my grandmother has been by my grandfather's side since the time he opened the door to his very first restaurant. Even today, she spends her days working at Donna's, serving people the same way she did 50 years ago. Then there's my father Rick, who has been a chef for over thirty years, working as my grandfathers "right hand man" before my parents were even married. His ingredients and experience in the kitchen is what makes our food "the best around." My sister Michela, has been a waitress at Donna's since she was twelve. Now at twenty four, her bubbly personality and smile is bigger than ever, serving customers that say, "you're definitely your mothers twin." And as for me, seeing regulars as well as meeting new people makes my day. I love going to work everyday, whether it's whipping up bacon and eggs, or pouring a cup of hot coffee, its a joy and an honor to be part of the family tradition. Making my family proud, as well as our loyal guests, is what gives me more satisfaction than anything else.

As for my mother Donna, she is the captain of the ship, the leader of the pack. She is delightful and the perfect remedy to the start of a wonderful day. From her charming ways to her forty years of duty, she is one-of-a-kind. Her picture is next to the words hard work and dedication in the dictionary, and is called "aunty" by many children that stop in for a delicious breakfast with their loved ones.

My grandfather, Jerry built an empire for his family. Donna's wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his willingness to work and his gigantic heart. He was known to everyone as a genuine, kind, warm-hearted man that did everything for everyone he encountered throughout his life. One of his wishes before he passed was to continue the family tradition of making people happy. To this day, and for many years to come, our family will grant his wish and continue to make Donna's Restaurant the place for families to come and have an unforgettable experience.

-Daniel Marquardo